Sunday, 6 October 2013

Grub Food Van

Mismatched is the new black.

One of favourite Melburnian neighbourhoods would be Fitzroy. In Fitzroy, nobody cares what you wear, where you come from & what you order. Perhaps its rich bohemian background plays a part in establishing this non-judgmental attitude. People sick of cutting edge cities' lifestyles would find this vicinity's quaint nonchalance for the outside world extremely heartwarming. At least that's for me. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate the random art illustrations and graffiti strewn over every brick wall. Coming from a city where freedom of speech is minimal and one's expression of art on public properties is punishable by caning, I was admittedly in a bit of culture shock. What appeals to me the most is the one-of-a-kind cafes that thrive in the most unexpected locations. It's like an Alice in Wonderland discovery moment when we stepped foot into Grub Food Van - it did not seem remotely possible for such a place to even exist. But in Melbourne, especially in Fitzroy, anything can happen.

Mismatched is now the new black. The state of disorganization just seems to make everything more adventurous and exciting. Grub Food Van is filled with surprises; the kids can hang out in the outdoor playground and deprived adults can fulfill their dreams of being the star of Balls of Fury at the ping pong table. Horror fans will be thrilled at the numerous bodiless dolls displayed around the restaurants and the creepy exhibition of babies hanging from high above. Dining options are also pretty extensive - one can dine alfresco with the companion of a large vintage mirror-like air stream van, eat in a greenhouse and bask in the sun without having to experience a sudden passing rain (this strange depiction is in fact Melbourne's standard weather) or opt for a dimly lit romantic ambience indoors. Laid on the floor are intricate woven carpets that remind me of those magical ones of Aladdin's. I say forget about classy, go hipster.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in this magical-cum-homely place but do note that it is officially closed every Monday. I had a flat white AUD $3.80 and a grub cured salmon on a pumpernickel AUD$16.00 - originating from Germany, this slightly sweetened dense rye bread was once the diet of the peasants. It had a strong earthy smell and tasted so nutritiously exotic that I struggled to finish it. I'm after all a city girl that grew up eating overly processed white bread. But now I have developed a whole new appreciation for brown rice. Anyway, back to the salmon. It was sandwiched between scrambled mayo egg infused with beetroot relish and fatty chive sour cream. The pumpernickel is an interesting dish. It would be a hit amongst health junkies but a miss for people who love their burgers and chips. I'm sure you get the gist.

Grub Food Van 
87-89 Moor St 
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
03 9419 8991

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With 2 internships, full time uni, 5 email accounts, freelance work, housework and a social life to juggle, life certainly isn't as easy as I thought. If anything that I have learned, a proper diet and sufficient sleep are crucial to a healthy mind and body. I have been neglecting the importance of health foods and spamming sugary treats as if they were water. I forgot that I was not superwoman and I combated any symptoms of sleepiness with coffee. Sleep, what sleep?

Melbourne’s erratic weather is definitely something that I can never get used to despite having stayed here for quite some time. The insane 120km/hour sent the car boot crashing onto my forehead as I was trying to my place some filming equipment in it. I have no idea if that attributed to my nausea but the following day I had massive dizzy spells that resulted in me being bedridden for 40 hours. Not to forget, the horrendous puking episode from 730PM to 230AM. Throwing up is nasty but throwing up four times is truly traumatic.

I am now more determined to take care of my body. It is time to actually start being a mortal and get some substantial rest. I have been sleeping more in an attempt to recuperate but I have no idea why I am still developing campaign briefs and editing videos in my dreams. Sorry that I kind of deviated from my original intended post – Grub Food Van. Check it out if you are free, you won't regret :)

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