Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Koko Teppanyaki

Being a teppanyaki chef certainly isn't easy. Besides excellent culinary and creativity skills, one must also be exceptionally gifted in socializing... And multitasking.

Dinner complimentary of Ashley's parents.

Ashley's 21st birthday dinner was at Koko Teppanyaki, a Japanese fine dining restaurant. Honestly I had no idea that this place even existed but every other Crown restaurant was fully booked & Koko was one of the only few places left with extremely limited slots. The menu is really pricey (bill was about a grand for 6) but I guess customers are paying not just for the food, but for its 5 star service, classy ambience as well as prime location.

Chef Kevin is a brilliant host. In the midst of entertaining us with his jokes, he would simultaneously whip out some delicious dishes and refill our tea cups. The Patagonian Fish Fillets (Chilean Sea Basses) were the last that we would have as we were told that the fishing company is bankrupt. But I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, they were so good! I have no say in the wagyu beef because I usually abstain from beef but decided to make an exception for this special occasion. The sashimi and sushis were faultlessly fresh. Last but not least, the semi-cooked foie gras served on toasted bread was an interesting twist from what we had before. It was crispier on the outside but instantly melts in your mouth.

Level 3, Crown Towers
8 Whiteman St

Southbank, VIC 3006 
03 9292 6886 

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