Sunday, 7 July 2013

Gold Coast Pictorial I

Gold Coast is really warm in the day for an Australian winter. I was glad to escape Melbourne's freezing winter. My Singaporean friends found the nights in Gold Coast extremely cold so let's just say that my body has unfortunately or fortunately been acclimatized.

Anyway this entry is filled with pictures taken by my DSLR as well as my personal reviews :)

We stayed at Surfer's Paradise for 3D2N at a 4 stars apartment called Break Free Peninsula. Located on the 31st level, our place was so spacious and beautiful! I love how we could see the incoming waves of the ocean and the blue skies so clearly from the balcony. Even the bedrooms and kitchen granted us an amazing view of the horizon. Our apartment had a living area, a kitchen, a dining area, balconies, two bedrooms (one with a king size bed, another with two single size beds) as well as two bathrooms (one with a shower, another with a bath tub). There were 5 of us including me and we each paid only AUD $115 for an unforgettable stay. Unfortunately WIFI was not free of charge, which might be inconvenient for some..

Serene brought us to Hakataya Ramen which is supposedly extremely popular in Queensland (I saw a crazily long queue at an outlet in Brisbane) so when we arrived the branch at Surfer's Paradise it was no surprise that the shop was filled with customers despite its rather secluded location. The ramen was decent but I definitely have had better i.e. KOKORO! The interesting thing about Hakataya is that you get a free refill of noodles. But I'm the kind of girl that finishes her soup not her noodles. I also think I killed the atmosphere by saying that the store's surroundings reminded me of Singapore's Toa Payoh. Hakataya Ramen on Urbanspoon

We decided to have some snacks at Pancakes in Paradise since it was just across the street where we were staying at. After reading its countless negative reviews online, we were skeptical but went ahead anyway. We had sticky date pancakes & Jamacian banana pancakes. Both pancakes had an enormous amount of cream which was a major turn off for me because I hate cream. The sticky date Pancakes tasted like red bean which I didn't mind. There was nothing special about the pancakes but I do like the bananas. Will I recommend this place to others? Nah. Unless you are hungry and desperate because they open till late. Pancakes in Paradise on Urbanspoon

The following morning we had breakfast at Elk Espresso. It's a favourite hangout place amongst locals and tourists alike. I thought it was a little over rated for Scoot to name it as the #1 place to visit but it was nevertheless a lovely cafe. Their coffees are not too bad although I wasn't exactly impressed but after tasting several coffees across Gold Coast.. I can see why this cafe is considered one of the best. The most popular dish is Potato Hash served with avocado, bacon and eggs. I had a plate to myself and it was good. Certainly wouldn't mind dining here again if I ever return to Gold Coast. Elk Espresso on Urbanspoon

We went to Sea World the following day. We bought a pass which grants us entries to 3 theme parks - Sea World, Movie World & Wet n Wild for $89.95. It seemed like a great deal until I realised that one had to finish 3 theme parks in 3 days and if you were to visit theme park B today you cannot visit theme park B again tomorrow. Due to time constraints we only visited Sea World & Movie World. Sea World had a great variety of sea creatures and my favourite shows were the dolphin and jet ski performances. Least favourite? Dora the explorer. I was going to strangle someone if we were to stay throughout the show.

To my dearest friends: I am terribly sorry but I doubt I'd be able to upload the insane number of videos Shiyu took via dropbox in Europe (I don't even know if I'd have access to internet) so wait till I return to Singapore and I'll dropbox everything / meet you guys with my macbook to transfer to your respective thumb drives and hard drives. Bye!

Oh yes, there's one picture in this entry that was taken by my iPhone 5 while the rest were taken by my camera... Can you guys guess which picture was snapped by my phone? ;P

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