Thursday, 6 June 2013

Ying Thai 2

I was never particularly fond of Thai food but ever since my 1st visit to Ying Thai along Lygon Street (2 years ago), I was turned into a fan & there's certainly no turning back.

Ying Thai 2 is possibly the best Thai restaurant in Melbourne. Owned by Thais and frequented by Thais, there's definitely no doubt about its authenticity. The only issue I have with Ying Thai 2 is its inefficiency. The entire restaurant is perpetually busy. During peak hours, you would not get a table unless you have made a reservation. Even if you have made a reservation, you'd probably have to wait for quite some time. I remember there being a crowd even before the restaurant was open for lunch. In short, their services suck but their food is mad delicious.

My favourite dishes from Ying Thai 2 are seafood Pad Thai (AUD $14.90) & spicy pork Grapow (AUD $12.90). Grapow is a dish of minced meat (beef/pork/chicken) with chopped chilli and garlic stir fried with basil leaves. The grapow dishes in Ying Thai 2 are available in spicy and non-spicy. I always choose the spicy one. It is definitely challenging for people who are not used to spiciness. Pad Thai aka Thai stir-fried noodles is available in seafood, chicken or vegetarian. Thai food is perfect for non red meat eaters like me.

The Larb Ped dish (AUD $13.90); roast duck salad was a bit weird though. The meat was very tough and hard to chew. Their green curry chicken, Gang Keow Wan (AUD $13.90) is awesome. It is also available in seafood, pork, beef or vegetarian. Their tom yum is surprisingly tasty! Surprising because I'm not a tom yum lover so kudos to them for actually making me enjoy it.

Ying Thai 2
110 Lygon Street
Carlton, Vic 3053
03 9639 1697

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