Monday, 17 June 2013

Ramen race: Kokoro Ramen & Ramen Ya

If someone were to ask me to recommend ramen in Melbourne, I would first say Kokoro Ramen then Ramen Ya. These two ramen stores serve really yummy ramen at affordable prices.

Before Kokoro Ramen opened its shop in December 2011, it was Ramen Ya that I would refer to as the best. Sorry Ramen Ya, you are still as lovely as ever but you are now #2.

Kokoro Ramen has a wider variety of ramen noodles and soup bases that are sure to confuse...

So here's a short description for each ramen and the soup that it is served in:

  • Tokyo Shoyu: Soy sauce base, chicken & seafood stock, thick curly whole egg noodles
  • Hakata Tonkotsu Shoyu: Soy sauce, thick creamy pork broth, thin egg white noodles
  • Nagahama Tonkotsu Shio: Salty, porky, milk-like pork broth, thin  egg white noodles
  • Hakodate Shio: Salted base, chicken & seafood broth, thick curly whole egg noodles
  • Sapporo Miso: Miso base, pork + chicken + seafood broth, thick curly egg noodles

Quality natural ingredients have been carefully picked for every dish in Kokoro.

I love the butter & corn sapporo miso AUD $14.50 which comes with chashu, sweet corn and a stick of butter making it really rich, as well as the popular soft shell crab nagahama tonkotsu shio AUD $14.50. My least favourite would be the tokyo shoyu that has a clear soup. My sister is the opposite because she doesn't like her ramen's broth to be thick and rich.

What I find extremely adorable is the availability of your ramen in a cup at AUD $3.50 each. They are not the super market cup noodles but your serving of fresh tasty ramen in a cup! Perfect for people who wish to snack but sick of fast food chips and onion rings.

Kokoro Ramen
157 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9650 1215

Kokoro Ramen on Urbanspoon

Moving on to the number 2 ramen in Melbourne (my personal opinion), Ramen Ya is super delicious too but more limited in their menu. Which might also be a good thing as it makes selection way easier! They have charshu ramen, minced chicken ramen, gyoza ramen & kimchi ramen available in 3 different kinds of soup - tonkotsu, shoyu (chicken & soy) or miso.

The best ramen would definitely be charshu ramen in tonkotsu broth AUD $10! Their soup really deserves more credit as they are boiled for 2 whole days! Not only that, the pork bones are crushed till dissolved, hence explaining the impeccable taste. I also like their seafood gyozas AUD $6.50/6 pcs even though pan fried dumplings are not their specialty.

Ramen Ya
Shop 25G Melbourne GPO
350 Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Ramen Ya on Urbanspoon

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