Monday, 1 July 2013

Mart 130

I have written about Mart 130 cafe last year, in my first Ladyironchef guest article alongside with other unique yet affordable dining places in Melbourne. Since then I have returned several times but never once armed with a proper camera. A few days ago I bought Brendan his birthday lunch there & took a few pics of our lovely food :) The prices at Mart are more steep than most out-of-CBD cafes but the awesome food and friendly staff makes it up. I really like how this cafe is located right outside a tram stop & has such pretty interiors. I'm very certain that its special location is one of its main attractions.

Mart 130 has one of the best pancakes. Their fluffy blue berry pancakes win Pancake Parlour's hands down (sorry Pancake Parlour fans!) They are also known for their corn fritters where you can select either bacon or salmon on the side. I also do like their eggs benedict with salmon! A meal i.e. a main + a beverage there costs about AUD $25 per pax.

Keep a lookout for their daily specials if nothing on the standard meal catches your eye. Coffee in Melbourne is typically good & Mart is no exception so I wouldn't elaborate much on it. The downside of visiting MART130 is that they only accept cash. Mart 130 is easily accessible by tram 96 (board the tram from Bourke St which is headed for St Kildas).

I requested to change my seats and also thought I lost my house keys at the cafe but the staff were all extremely accommodating and even tried to help. Here's a piece of advice, always visit Mart 130 during weekdays because I heard the crowd is insane during weekends.

Mart 130
Albert Park
107A Canterbury Rd
Middle Park, VIC 3206
03 9690 8831

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