Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cupcake Central

The cupcake craze never died. I know there are so many options to choose from - Cupcake Bakery, Cupcake Family, Cupcake Central... But having tried all 3 stores, I reckon Cupcake Central is the best. Cupcake Bakery's cupcakes are way too dense and overly sweet, Cupcake Family's cupcakes are really bland and plain BUT Cupcake Central has achieved a perfect balance in terms of texture and taste. I also like how they are always coming up with new exciting flavours according to the seasons. Many shops have yet to embrace the idea of social media but I have to say that Cupcake Central had done a terrific job tapping on it.

Another special feature of Cupcake Central is that they do serve baby cakes which are miniature cupcakes (AUD $2 each). Perfect for those who are afraid of gaining weight yet can't seem to curb their dessert addiction. I have yet to try ALL the flavours but my personal favourites are cookies and cream, red velvet and raspberry white chocolate. Salted Caramel & Devil's Food Chocolate are super delicious but too sinful for regular consumption.

Do note that most of the pictures are taken during Meld Magazine's interview with Cupcake Central's founder. This is NOT an advertorial. I just love sharing good experiences :)

The story behind Cupcake Central and their vision is really heart warming & interesting. I shan't go into details because that's one of Meld Magazine's upcoming articles/videos. Regular sized cupcakes are priced at AUD $4 each. There are 2 other outlets at High Point & Hawthorn and even an online store which provides both delivery & pick up services. Leave me a comment if you have any other recommendations for delicious cupcakes, thanks in advance!

There's only so much I can say... Meanwhile, enjoy the food porn taken by yours truly xx

Oh and one more thing to note, they do conduct baking and/or decorating classes too.

Cupcake Central Workshop
Lvl 2 Dining Hall, Melbourne Central
Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9077 4542

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  1. Do try little cupcakes along degrave street as well (: