Tuesday, 11 June 2013

1000 Pound Bend

I vividly recall my first visit to 1000 Pound Bend Cafe two years ago where I turned tomato red after a cup of coffee liqueur. How embarrassing. After that visit I only returned once to attend Snap & Bend Flea Market. I'm not sure why I did not drop by again. I wasn't that embarrassed. I guess I just don't usually walk down the narrow street of Little Lonsdale.

Three weeks ago, Ashley & I decided to have breakfast but we ran out of places to eat in the CBD and that was then I was suddenly reminded of this cafe-cum-bar. Hold on. It also contains a gallery, an empty space for events and even an air conditioned cinema space. The place also has free wifi and plenty of power point sockets. My pictures don't do this place any justice and I apologise for the umpteenth time for using my iPhone 5 as though I were a cave woman. I could have done a better job even though I was without my dearest Canon.

Ashley and I haven't had breakfast together in ages so we were both in a pretty good mood despite having to wait forever for our food. I guess it wasn't just our unlucky day judging from the endless negative reviews whereby majority complained about waiting far too long.

The menu was surprisingly limited (considering how spacious the venue was) but we ordered 3 mains anyway - The Pound Breaky Box AUD $11 that came with boiled egg, sourdough slice, Swiss cheese, cold cuts and bircher, eggs on toast AUD $8 and last but not least, a motherclucker burger AUD $13 which was the highlight of the meal. I can't help but to giggle and think of the vulgarity motherfucker instead whenever I read motherclucker. Pardon me.

Anyway, back to the juicy chicken thigh burger. It was marinated in Thai sauce plus mayo and packed with relish & coleslaw. If you were to dine there, just go for the burgers and forget about the other breakfast items. We also had some funky healthy drinks from the refrigerator called mangajo. Tasted like an extremely diluted version of Vitamin water but I liked it.

1000 Pound Bend would be a good place for burgers, drinks & studying but just not breakfast.

1000 Pound Bend
361 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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