Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My favourite quick meals: Don Don, Red Silk, Rice Paper, Snag Stand, Sushi Sushi

Recently I have been eating quick meals/takeaways at various eateries in Melbourne Central and its vicinity. Food is cheap, delicious and filling. What you see is what you get. Nothing pretentious. I won't say that they are especially healthy though.

I have eaten at these places regularly over the past 2 years but never given them much attention i.e. hardly any pictures taken & never on the list of restaurants when asked for recommendations. But today I decided it's time I begin my reviews on these places that have served me so well, namely Red Silk, Rice Paper, Snag Stand and Sushi Sushi. I am reviewing Don Don too although I have only started frequenting it last week.

This list of places ought to be shared because they sell superb food at value prices:

Don Don
198 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9662 3377

Don Don on Urbanspoon

I don't know why I have never ever stepped into the old Don Don located at Swanston St. But I'm so glad I finally tried Don Don. Cheap pleasing proper meals, just like Hainaichi! There's usually a queue but fret not, it moves so quickly, even faster than Mac Donalds. The tasty & filling Teriyaki Chicken & Curry Chicken are only at AUD $6.90 each. I'd definitely be visiting Don Don frequently, regardless of whether or not I'm on a budget.

Red Silk
Level 1 200 Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9663 9922

Red Silk on Urbanspoon

I love Red Silk a lot because this is pretty much the place where Ashley & I used to hang out when we were both still in the stage of infatuation. These days we are just like an old boring couple that face our macbook and phones even when we are having meals zzz.

People who do not like to queue should be informed that Red Silk is usually busy at night. The salted fried chicken and egg on rice & porked and century egg congee are incredibly yummy. You have been warned though that 99.5% of the dishes here are oily and packed with MSG. Nonetheless the satisfying meals goes easy on my wallet and keeps me going back.

Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant
245 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9650 3088

Rice Paper Vietnamese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Sorry I'm not a fan of Pho noodles but Rice Paper is the only Vietnamese restaurant that I have eaten at over 10 times. I always order Special Broken Rice or Soft Shell Crab Noodles because it's that good. They have free roasted rice tea (correct me if I'm wrong) which is really nice and comforting on cold winter nights. Do try their dessert-like beverage, Three Colours. Ashley is so sick and tired of me constantly stealing that away from him hahaha. They also have ready made Vietnamese Paper Rolls. P.s. Cash only.

Snag Stand
Corner of La Trobe & Swanston St
Melboune VIC 3000
03 9639 6544

Snag Stand on Urbanspoon

I used to love Victoria Market's Bratwurst Sausages, until Snag Stand opened in Melbourne and totally won me over. The fresh juicy sausages are gluten free and contains no artificial colours/flavours. It's not just about the hot dogs. The chips are TO DIE FOR.

I have tried several items on the menu and I have to say that Spicy Cheese Kransky is the BEST. But do be careful while you are eating because the cheese has a tendency to squirt.

Sushi Sushi
317 Swanston St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9639 5018

Sushi Sushi on Urbanspoon

My 1st choice when it comes to individual sushi rolls is always Diane Sushi. However when it gets late and I am starving + craving for a fresh sushi platter (this happens all the time), I find myself always literally dashing to Sushi Sushi to get a plate of seafood goodness. Sushi Sushi had never once disappointed me. Fuss free, quick and affordable.


  1. I used to make Melbourne Central my foodie destination years ago when it had the 'Daimaru' food hall and the OH MY Paul Bocuse bakery. There were these gorgeous french dinner rolls that had an opening at the top and inside was a cooked potato that had a beautiful housemade mayo and white pepper on top. So delicious, I'd order ahead and take home a box of 6! Their baguettes were amazing...and their butter baguettes were even amazing-er. Butter baked into the top of the baguettes... No need for anything else, just eat! I used to source my favourite blue cheese dip from the Daimaru deli too...and also my favourite Japanese potato salad from an eatery that was extremely popular for its okonomiyaki... which I never tried.. Yet I kick myself because I love them. Now when we go to Melbourne Central, we often dine at the sushi train at Japas (formerly Tomodachi). I've often met friends at Max Brenner for sweets and coffee.. or the Pancake Parlour. More recently I've been grateful for the addition of 'Schnitz'... because I LOVE schnitzels..and they're schnitzels are pan-fried, not deep fried...and taste like homemade.


    1. Hi Maria

      I wasn't located in Melbourne yet during those 'Daimaru' days but I remember 'Daimaru' when I was a child cuz the department stores were opened in Singapore too. What a coincidence, I actually worked in Japas for a just week earlier on this year. Their terriyaki chicken bento set is awesome!

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  3. Hi again,

    I did read about your work here on your blog...I had no idea it was Japas ;) Do they have toilets? I wasn't aware ;) We are heading out to No 35 restaurant tonight, coming from Geelong, apparantly there will be football traffic O.O Leaving soon. I've really enjoyed reading through your posts, especially as I've always had a 'wanderlust'...and dream about travelling. Though I totally undertand your travel burnout...I'd feel the same with that many stamps in my passport. Two places I want to go: New York City and Tokyo! I've been to London once but would love to go back again. Too many places. Anyway, I digress. I've bookmarked your site so I can follow your travels/experiences. Thanks for visiting my site too :) I hope you have a good weekend :)

    1. Hello Maria, yes they do have toilets in Japas hahaha (uh oh I forgot that I blogged about my part time job :x) I hope you had an amazing time at No 35! Let me know how it goes. Thanks for bookmarking my site, you're too kind. You have to visit NYC & Tokyo! They are such amazing cities. I have only been to both cities once but it was enough to leave a lasting impression.