Thursday, 23 May 2013

Giraffe cafe

I visited Giraffe Cafe with zero expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Prior to my visit, I looked up online reviews and was warned about the bad service as well as poor quality of food. While the food wasn't to die for, they were still pretty damn good!

Giraffe cafe's interiors reminded me of my trip to Seoul, South Korea last year :)

Look, they even have a cute wishing tree in the middle of the cafe! Awwwww. The entire place is really cosy with mismatched chairs, comfortable sofas, wooden tiles and walls.

Many of the patrons there are seen reading their books leisurely or cramming university notes on their laptops. It's a really nice place to hang out and/or study. I was actually expecting more giraffes given the cafe's name but only spotted 4?!

I had a flat white AUD $3 which failed to impress. I have to admit that I very much prefer the aromatic coffees in typical Melbourne cafes. Their hot chocolates AUD $3 on the other hand were very delicious. However, the cup was so tiny that I finished it almost instantly. The chicken lasagna served with garden salad AUD $8.50 was a little dry but still decent. I was just so happy that for once the lasagna was chicken instead of beef.

My very adorable friend Kim with her chilli spinach risotti AUD $8.50. (We used to be in the same primary school in Singapore & now we are in the same university in Australia. It's a small small world!) Her risotto was spicily yummy & the portion looked really tiny. But Kim said that if it was served in a plate instead, the amount of rice would seemingly appear larger. Hence it's all an illusion... I was convinced. I went down to Giraffe Cafe again this afternoon because the boyfriend wanted to try. This time round I ordered mushroom risotto AUD $8.50 and it once again looked so small but I was filled to the brim!

We thought that the vegetarian and gluten free mushroom risotto AUD $8.50 was incredibly delicious. I never got to try the desserts during these 2 visits but one day I will.

I also ordered a plate of pan fried vegetarian dumplings AUD $7 on the side. These dairy-free goodies were so tasty and there were 13 pieces of them. Cheap and good, yay!

I have to confess that it is the name and logo of the shop that lured me in... Which turned out pretty well :) Let me know if you have any recommendations for the desserts!

Giraffe Cafe
302 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9640 0889

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