Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Chuckle Park Bar & Cafe

I have walked past Chuckle Bar several times before but never actually stepped in to have a meal. After seeing the positive review on Jacq's blog, I finally decided to pay a visit.

4 kinds of impressions could possibly be formed after a visit to a cafe - one being "argh, I'd never return", second being the #epicfail scenario when it didn't even leave an impression and you end up "I've never been here before... Oh maybe I did... I think...?" Third being the neutral person where you'd probably say "I don't mind coming back again and I don't mind not coming back at all." While the forth would be "I LOVE THIS PLACE! I AM SO COMING BACK! I CAN'T WAIT TO BRING MY FRIENDS HERE!" Chuckle Park is in category 4.

This cafe-cum-bar is located at one of the alleyways along Lt Collins Street. Seems like all the good stuff these days are always hidden away from the main streets. I love such crazy set ups - an old caravan, tall red chairs against green grass (here's the season to be jolly~), friendly wooden tiny tables surrounded by a statue of Mother Mary, wire mesh, pipes and bricked walls. After having written about fine dining in New York City, Melbourne & Singapore, I think it's time I start focusing on one-of-a-kind gems like this.

Chuckle Park does not only look great but they serve awesome food at fantastic prices! I hate how I always end up sounding so advertisement-like. Sigh. But that statement above is a valid fact. I got my pulled pork slider and apple cider for only AUD $15. What a steal. If you are not a cheapo like me who gets excited over value deals, here is the full menu:

I didn't realise that the clipboard menu looked so dirty :o It's hanging on the wall so you don't actually have to touch it. Anyway there are heaps of promotions on their FB.

Sorry for digressing. The pork slider AUD $9.50 was a mash up of deliciously spiced pulled pork together with crunchy walnuts, cheese and slaw in between two soft buns. My friend had the vegetarian one but I have no idea how it tastes like because she didn't offer me a bite. I offered her mine but she didn't get the hint. (Hahaha Kim I'm kidding!)

While writing all that chunk of information above yesterday evening, I ended up heading out to Chuckle Park for a late dinner simply because I wanted a tasty slider and witness the pretty scene of hanging terrariums glow in the dark. I told you I was a moth in my previous life - it is the only logical reason behind my uncanny attraction to lights.

Chuckle Park is so damn beautiful at night. But beauty is subjective so one could also look at it as spooky or mysterious. It all depends on how you want to see it. I finally got to try the vegetarian slider (which is the vegetarian sandwich AUD $9.50 on the menu). It was nice, but definitely not as good as the pork slider. The grilled corn AUD $6.50 was covered with parmesan cheese, coriander herbs and chuckle sauce. I don't know what chuckle sauce is but it was probably one of the best corn cob I ever had in my life. Somersby apple cider was amazing but I would love to try their passion punch cocktail soon :)

To my dismay, Ashley's reaction was merely IT'S OKAY. Why?! How could anyone not be in love with such a wonderful place, sigh. I was so intrigued by this place that I even started making up my own lyrics based on the tune of Rihanna's We Found Love. I am weird.
Cute terrariums in the sky
And we're eating side by side
Yummy cider and slider
What it takes to come alive
Chuckle Park Bar and Cafe
322 Little Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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