Monday, 1 April 2013

Hwaro Korean BBQ

On Josh's birthday, we had a celebratory dinner at Hwaro and I was really excited because ask anyone where the best Korean BBQ in Melbourne is and everyone would say Hwaro.

Don't believe me? Google "best korean BBQ in Melbourne" and Hwaro would definitely appear on your search results. This explains why reservations are required and there's even a limited timing on how long you can stay there for. Staff are amazingly attentive, helping you cut and cook the meat so that we amateurs won't have to eat overcooked or undercooked food. The food is already marinated, hence enhancing its flavours to the maximum.

You MUST try the seafood pancake and lemon rice wine. It's probably the best I ever had. We also had ox tongue, beef bulgogi, calamari, chicken slices, pork belly, mushrooms etc, basically almost everything on the menu. Oh and complimentary icecream profiteroles haha.

The amount of dishes we ordered were seemingly endless that the bill totaled up to approx AUD $700 but that was for about 13 people. Everyone left the restaurant satisfied with a bloated tummy. Definitely had a wonderful time there. My neighbours went there a few days after and also agreed that is certainly the best korean BBQ place in Melbourne. Perhaps there are better Korean BBQ places out there.. But so far, it's been the best for us :)

Hwaro Korean BBQ Restaurant
562 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
03 9642 5696

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