Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I believe it only makes more sense to combine my portfolio and blog on the same domain. Therefore see you at my official site: www.suchgoodlife.net. If you can, please do me a favour by liking my page on Facebook, thanks! I'm done with blogging shitty instagram pictures on this site for it seriously doesn't reflect well on my professionalism. Some of the images posted below are already on my new blog, head over there to take a look :) Farewell blogspot!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Melbourne's Asian restaurants

So I decided to get my ass back to food blogging for a reason - I somehow forgot all the restaurants I have visited whenever I'm asked for recommendations.. But sometimes revisiting the restaurant list on my blog does refresh my memory on what's good and what's not. This time round I'm just going to tap on 5 Asian restaurants that I'd visited and pictured with my iphone but never got a chance to blog about...

1. Ing Doi Thai Restaurant

I have never heard of a Thai buffet so I was really surprised that such places existed. I really liked Ing Doi because it was so cheap and good! Every dish (besides the deep fried stuff) was fresh & succulent. Especially the calamaris, they were amazing. Their pad thai and curry were not bad but of course Ying Thai remains number 1. We ended our buffets with a fried banana dessert. I'd love to return one day when I crave for Thai. Everyone else dining with me said the food was only mediocre but I still think it's awesome, especially for its price.

Ing Doi Thai Restaurant 
73 Victoria Pde
Collingwood VIC 3066
03 8415 0161

Ing Doi Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon  

2. Laksa Bar

Laksa bar does serve great laksa in different sizes, different curries (either the standard kind or you could opt for the 'skinny' version) with different meats. I love the soft shell crab version. Laksa bar is great for those who have screwed up eating hours like me because it's open till 9PM daily. I also love their Vietnamese spring rolls salad but had a rather bad experience with their fried chicken rice. The chicken meat was too tough and difficult to chew. Other than that, everything's been pretty good so far.

Laksa Bar 
108 Little Lonsdale St
Melbourne, VIC 3000 

03 9663 1941
Laksa Bar on Urbanspoon

3. 1st Salt & Pepper

I bought an online voucher and finally redeemed it one day but was horrified by the food. At first glance, the Chinese shop name raised my hopes as I was expecting authentic Taiwanese food. Although the food is very affordable, the food standards were substandard. I am a fan of Taiwanese food and Salt & Pepper just don't quite make the cut. Broccoli was not cooked properly, rice seemed stale and chicken skewers were not impressive at all. 

1st Salt & Pepper
Shop 2, 551 Little Lonsdale St

Melbourne, VIC 3000
03 9642 3332

 1st Salt & Pepper 第一家塩酥 on Urbanspoon

4. Killiney Kopitiam Lygon Street

Thumbs up to Killiney! I was so happy with its char kway teow and Hainese chicken rice that I felt as if I were back in Singapore. However, if you are a local Malaysian/Singaporean, don't ever order the mee pok noodles because they are... Very disappointing. Had a really great meal and would love to try the durian pancakes one day! Will strongly recommend it to home sick friends as well as those who would love to try Malaysian/S'porean cuisine.

Killiney Kopitiam Lygon
114 Lygon Street
Carlton, VIC 3053

03 9650 9880
Killiney Kopitiam Lygon Street on Urbanspoon

5. Pepper Lunch Elizabeth

Pepper Lunch tasted exactly as the Pepper Lunch restaurants back at home. I mean it's nothing spectacular but it is convenient, cheap, satisfying and filling! The sizzling hot plate is served to you while you watch your meat being "cooked". I forgot to mix my stuff well and some parts of the rice became hard as they were burnt. I love the tender chicken meat - you can't go wrong with that!

Pepper Lunch Elizabeth
309-311 Elizabeth St 
Melbourne, VIC 3000

03 9078 6388 
Pepper Lunch Elizabeth on Urbanspoon

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Oscar Cooper

Another suburb that bears uncanny resemblance to hippy Fitzroy is Prahran. It’s impossible to not be enchanted by the laidback environment and its homegrown cafes. These neighborhoods steer away from avarice and celebrate locality.

A stone’s throw away from Prahran train station is Oscar Cooper café. It first opened its doors last year and while its meals are not Oscar worthy, its simple and homely food keeps its customers returning for more. The designers have intelligently utilized their spaces – there are window bay seats, dog-friendly alfresco dining, the popular large communal table and separate booth seats for those who want more privacy.

The cafe has a large glass window that swings open during warm days. The high bench seats along that panorama window are perfect for people watching or dog watching. Oscar Cooper is definitely a favourite amongst dog owners. I often see groups of ladies with their leashed pooches enjoying their breakfast. 

The aroma of a rich buttery toast constantly permeates the cafe constantly. I love that smell. But I was craving meat that day and ended up ordering pulled pork sliders AUD $19. I was really excited when I saw that apple coleslaw was part of the slider’s contents. To my dismay, it was only decent, not fantastic. Perhaps it is because I had better sliders before at Chuckle Park and Crabapple Kitchen. 

However, despite the fairly disappointing meal, I have to credit Oscar Cooper’s hard work. They are huge supporters of local produce and also use healthy free-range poultry for the food they prepare. When night approaches, Oscar Cooper transforms into a bar. I haven’t visited them at night before, but it sounds pretty cool. 

Oscar Cooper
160 Greville St
Prahran, VIC 3181

03 9529 5670
Oscar Cooper on Urbanspoon 

Wow been ages since I blogged about food... While I still embark on foodie adventures I have to admit that I got carried away with my work commitments. I have recently started a official portfolio site as well as a Facebook page for my photography/videography works, do support by liking it! My pictures in this blog are mainly iphone pictures which irks me :\

Friday, 25 October 2013

Another collage

Blogging with a collage of my recent instagram pictures isn't legit but it at least reminds me that I have been working hard, eating way too well for my size and spending quality time with my boyfriend :) I don't usually take pictures like I did before but that day was our 16th monthsary and we were with our friends who decided to help us take a pic. I love the convenience of iPhone & how easily it allows me to recall what I have been up to which explains the current 1131 instagram posts. Oopps.

I will hopefully find the time to clear my backlog. I really want to blog about my travels!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

4 months from now, my life will change forever like it did 2.5 years ago. Change is terrifying but where ever I am, I will be happy :)

I have been so swamped by assignments and deadlines that I haven't had the time to properly update this space. 2 more weeks till the end of uni and I'm feeling semi bittersweet about graduating. Gonna miss the life of a student. But I'm ready for the next chapter of life.

Before I start talking about the future, let's talk about now. 2 PR presentations tomorrow and an advertising test on Friday. Not sure if I can make it to The Social Series Part II tomorrow night, but if you are based in Melbourne and would love to participate, do give it a go!

My internship with Perksmart has ended last week but Meld Magazine is still keeping me busy haha. I will be fully challenging myself this Saturday at the event Run The World x League of Extraordinary Women by multitasking endlessly; live tweeting, photographing, interviewing and videoing all on behalf of Meld Magazine. I have never taken on so many roles all at once before. Gonna be quite an experience. The following week I will be interviewing + filming N2 Gelato, working on the group's documentary, rushing my reflections on Graduate Communications & resuming freelance work. I'm still trying to finish editing the pictures of MIBC x Australian Labor Party event at Hilton Hotel some time ago before I take on my next shoot with Peter Mack. I should also find the time to contribute articles for Ladyironchef once uni is officially over. I won't be returning to Singapore this December. The folks are flying over for 3 days to attend my graduation. Oh my, I can't believe I'm graduating. Okay it's past midnight, time to hit the sack and get ready for tomorrow's activities.